‘Music is in my bones, it’s a way of living’, is just one of JaySun’s quotes about his work. JaySun, also known as Jeroen Zondag, was born and raised in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands. At the age of only 6 he knew he wanted to play music for the big crowd. He wanted them to hear his heart, his music and his beats.

JaySun grew up and so did his music. At just the age of 12 he performed at schoolparties in a self build dj-booth. Cute as it may sound, JaySun knew there was more to it and he began playing in several clubs in and around his hometown. And that didn’t stay unnoticed. In the summer of 2012 and 2013 JaySun performed in Albufeira, Portugal. His first international gigs and most certainly not his last. Last winter he hit the booth in Austria and who knows what other countries are coming. In the summer of 2013 JaySun rocked the stage @ Stylish Live Festival. His promiss to you is that he WILL be back with more music, gigs and festivals in 2014. Just wait and see.
If you can’t wait that long go check out JaySun and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

JaySun is either playing in the club, or producing his own beats in his studio back home. His sound is characterized by deep kicks, touching synths, and fearless chords, and with his music he wants to make people feel alive. Even if it were just for one night.